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Premium Therapy Space for Rent

Create a Tranquil Haven for Your Practice

Where tranquility meets professionalism. This therapy space is designed to provide a serene environment conducive to support, care and growth. I understand the importance of a comfortable and inviting space for therapeutic practices.

Thank you for your enquiry

  1. Location:

    • Centrally located 196 Cheltenham Rd, Cotham, Bristol BS6 5QZ, easily accessible for both therapists and clients.

    • Parking available on Station road, free parking on Claremont road (BS7 8DQ) and public transport options nearby.

    • Cycle rack is located by the front door.

  2. Facility Amenities:

    • Waiting room for clients / parents / family etc.

    • Intercom system to let clients in to the building.

    • Kitchen available to use; fridge, microwave and a kettle.

    • Comfortable seating for therapist and clients.

    • Adjustable lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

    • Wi-Fi and standing fan for a comfortable experience.

  3. Spacious and beautifully decorated therapy rooms.

  4. Booking Information:

    • Available for rent £150 per month (one day per week).

    • start anytime from 8am -10pm

    • Discount for newly qualified £140 per month (one day per week) for first 6 months.

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