Donal Carmody - Counsellor / Therapist



We offfer training to charities, private companies, universities, colleges, students. Currently run two different work shops


Half day workshop 2hr 30 mins


Full day 4hrs


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"The Creative Bubble"

Working creativily with people can be one of the most; moving, stimilating, energetic, peaceful, humbling, surreal, experiences for both client and counsellor /therapist/ psychotherapist/ keyworker etc.


The workshops are on how to assist counsellors/ therapists/ keyworkers in working creatively with their clients.



Current workshop:


"Stepping into the clients world of creativity and fantasy"


Focusing on finding the emerging figure (emotion,theme) and engaging with it in a dissociative way.

How to engage with the fantasy world - Clients safety - Repairing - Reviewing

The workshops are usually experiential, which gives a platform to really explore and develop the skills shown on the day.

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